Get Art!

Here’s how. Just follow the instructions below per artwork you’re interested in.

10x10 Art

pet band guitar.jpg

Is real art affordable? You bet! Submit a clear up close photo of what you would like painted and just like that you’ll have an affordable FLAMES STYLE pop art masterpiece for only $45! Whatever you want! Your pets, (most popular!) your car, or even your favorite chair!

How can I get a 10x10 painted?

1 Email or text to the contact info on the right a clear close up reference photo. (if an individual, pet, or favorite item) Provide a description of what you would like. Also please provide your address so shipping can be calculated.

2 If the lead time, etc, works for you please PayPal $45 + shipping calculated in email/text correspondence to

How to PayPal money to an email:

3 Per the reference photo a drawing will be created for your approval before painting. Updates will be provided via email or text, whichever is preferable.

4 The completed painting will be shown before delivery to make last minute adjustments. Depending on location within the USA it can arrive in a week or less. You are now the proud owner of a masterpiece!

Ready Made Art

my little pony.jpg

Affordable art conceptualized and created by the artist in easy to ship sizes up to 14”. Click on the ETSY link provided to see what’s in stock.

Upon purchase through ETSY your piece will be well packaged to prevent damage. Depending on domestic USA location delivery can take a week or less. Work is sold as is, no alterations.

Studio Art

scrappy finished.jpg

Larger more prestigious paintings conceptualized and created by the artist for shows, also boast 3d elements, and are for sale! Pick up delivery is preferable on pieces with 3d elements but shipping arrangements can be made. No alterations on “already made” studio art, sold as is. Please email or text on the contact info provided on the right for available pieces.

A custom piece of studio art can be made too. The same process as a 10X10 but the price is quoted based on canvas size, subject(s) and 3d elements if requested.

All custom art guidelines/ FYI:

Flames Style: Abstract spray painted background with an enamel paint marker foreground. In the case of 10x10’s only one subject.

On rare occasions the background can be a landscape, etc. but it’s a significant up charge and longer lead time for a custom work.

Lead Time: Please request no less than a 45 days in advance for 10x10’s. larger pieces will require a longer lead time. “Last minute” requests (IE for a birthday at the end of the week) will be denied.

Portraiture: $10 up charge for 10x10’s, inquire for larger sizes. The flames style is not capable of photo realism. Warning: Grandma will be painted in bright oranges and yellows with electric purple back lighting. (See Frank Zappa painting in GALLERY)

Revisions: Only three minor revisions on custom art (won’t require a complete repaint) allowed before a $20 up charge for every adjustment is applied.

Returns: Not honored on custom work, why updates and minor revisions are provided to insure your satisfaction along the way.

However, gallery (non custom) and ready made works can be returned if unsatisfied.


Flames Artworks

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