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What is Flames Artworks?

(and why is it called that?)

Flames Artworks is an innovative ready to purchase and custom art studio. THE FLAMES STYLE consists of an abstract spray painted background and saturated color foreground subject(s) applied with enamel paint marker. This method not only is unique but also durable and relatively efficient. Some studio pieces feature 3d objects adhered to the canvas. THE FLAMES STYLE subject matter wise leans toward pop art. Art that relates to modern culture and alternative methods rather than traditional art subjects and mediums. At times pop art with a humorous twist, cats emulating 80’s punk culture, or a turtle that can’t stay away from the bar? You bet!

On the navigation bar at the top right of the page select PROCESS to see how it’s made. View the GALLERY to get a gist of THE FLAMES STYLE. If you love it and want to purchase a piece or have one made visit the GET ART page to find out how.

What’s in a Name?

Flames started out as a custom automotive airbrushing and t-shirt shop, obviously after the most well known hot rod embellishment. Over time the market for this work has changed and Flames evolved to explore other areas. Although the subject matter nowadays pertains to pets with attitude the color palate is still hot and bright! Classic automobiles, although no longer the canvas themselves, are a prominent subject matter in studio and ready to purchase pieces.

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The Artworks


Made for shows they are among the largest and most elaborate of the artworks. Concepts and subject matters are completely inspired and created by the artist. They feature the spray paint background and enamel paint marker foreground inherent in all the artworks. However 3d items are often used as a frame or background element.


These works are typically between the sizes of 10x10 and 14x14 or similar dimension. The subject matter and concept determined by the artist. They are spray paint and enamel paint marker only. The lack of 3d elements and compact size make shipping easy.


The most affordable custom art you can get! Sized in only 10x10 and one subject matter for $45. Very popular for pet portraits!

Please visit the GET ART page for more information on purchasing any of the artworks.


About The Artist

Molly Hill graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2001 with a degree in Illustration and Design, later taking Interior Design courses at STLCC. She has worked in a variety of creative and technical fields. Editorial illustration, theater(costumes), floral design, party decor, graphic design, leather repair, automotive refinishing/bodywork, custom automotive airbrushing and pin striping, automotive, aviation and residential upholstery, and interior design. She’s worked in a variety of traditional art mediums (Oil. acrylic, pencil, ink, etc.) as well as computer generated art. When not creating she enjoys traveling with her best friend and husband Victor, cooking barbecue, and driving her ‘79 El Camino, Thunderbucket.